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RIP Sparky A Tribute

Last Photo of Sparky 2 April 2016 RIP

A tribute to our best friend Sparky

He came into our lives 17 years ago as a tiny little pup and won over our hearts immediately and grew into the most loving and loyal friend you could ever hope for. Sparky became an integral part of our family and lives. Following us everywhere we went even travelling to Singapore with us when Ian was transferred there. Sparky particularly loved the food in Singapore and came back quite a few kilos heavier. That acquired love for food is a trait he never lost.

It doesn’t matter whom he met or spent time with, he always left a lasting impression with everyone. We would often say we only got dinner invitations so that Sparky could come and visit.

The 17 years Sparky was with us felt like forever and we couldn’t imagine any time without him. Unfortunately, that time came yesterday April 2 2016. He has gone on to a better place where declining sight and hearing won’t bother him anymore. Luckily he didn’t experience pain until the last couple of days, he was a real trooper and kept a brave face until the end.

Sparky will live on in our hearts, although laden with sadness of his passing at the moment, but in time will give us joy with thoughts of all the good times we had together. Of course he will live on forever on television as he was immortalised on Grand Designs Australia. Of course he stole the show and everyone always wanted to meet him. We won’t be able to watch it anymore without a tear in our eye.

He was just that kind of dog. Always full of character and full of life. He made every moment of our lives special and will miss him dearly.

We will remember you fondly Sparky and love you forever.

Your dads Ian & Rob

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