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Starhaven Retreat from Gold to Platinum

Starhaven Retreat has been awarded platinum status by the TripAdvisor Green Survey[if lt IE 9]> <![endif]

StartFragmentThe online Green Practices survey, which focuses on practices that lead to better environmental outcomes in the hospitality industry, consists of seven sections: a "required practices" section which all properties must meet in order to qualify for the programme, and then six sections related to energy, water, waste, purchasing, site, and innovation and education. The survey focuses on practices which lead to better environmental outcomes in the hospitality industry. EndFragment

The beautiful environment of the Bellarine Peninsula

Starhaven Retreat has improved on it's green credentials rising from Gold status to the highest Platinum status. In order to achieve this, we improved on several aspects such as recycling practices by incorporating a worm farm to reduce our bio waste and create fertiliser for or organic herb & vegetable garden. Switching to greener detergents was also a contributing factor.

Although having reached the the ultimate award, we will continue to strive to improve our green practices to save resources and keep the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula a better environment for the next generation.

Please view our environmental policies page to view our eco friendly initiatives.

Thank you TripAdvisor Green Leader team

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